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What our client’s say

I wanted to send this to you to thank you!! You are the reason I got to this place!! You
inspire me to work harder, be stronger and be the best me I can be. I never thought I
could get my body into the shape it is and in Paris to wear this size dress feels
amazing!! I just want to thank you, without you I would have never got here!! Thank

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Angela, I just have to tell you that you’ve been a huge part of my journey this year! I
joined MLH in September following my gastric sleeve surgery in August and couldn’t do
much of anything when I joined lol. I’ve always felt so supported and also motivated
under your instruction and I’ve now lost 60 pounds as of today. I really appreciate your
kindness and motivation 😍 Have a great weekend!!

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I have taken many group classes with Angela in the past. She is an excellent coach
and trainer, very knowledgeable, encouraging and fun to work with. I never felt judged
or uncomfortable. She took time to explain, answer questions and show proper form.
She always made the classes interesting, challenging and fun! I would highly
recommend working with Angela no matter what fitness level you are at. 

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I absolutely love working out with Angela, because you get an awesome workout, she’s
super crazy good about checking your form, but so much FUN, the hour flies by, your in
tip top shape, and looking forward to the next workout instead of dreading it!

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Thank you for making fitness always so fun. You are inspiring because you demonstrate
through your lifestyle and actions that fitness is more than achieving fitness goals but
that it is also a lifestyle! Thank you for being a part of my journey and encouraging me
to do the same. Love you!!!

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